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Chocolate Town Duals Group

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Ken Luckenbill
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Red Hawks

Here is our current roster. I will send payment links through this app or you can pay cash in person at practice. Your child's spot will be held until 7/18, if payment isn't received the spot will be open to free agents.

Chocolate Town Line-up:

50- Gabriel

55- Brady

60- Konor

65- Jamison

Stephanie Childs
Andrew Ciasulli
Tyler Krewson
3 days ago · joined the group.
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Hey everyone,

This is Ken Luckenbill, I'll be coaching Team RHWC at the Chocolate Town Duals Aug 3rd and Chocolate Town Open Aug 4th. Members/Regulars will have until July 9th to claim their spot. We will then accept local wrestlers until July 16th, after that we will accept any free agents available. Here is our current interest list:

50- Gabriel (member)


60- Alexander (member)


Tyler Krewson
3 days ago

Konor will do 55 lbs



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